Funky and functional ways to transport your beverages by bicycle

City bikes are becoming the transportation method of choice for many urban dwellers. And these very same folks also enjoy beverages, of the caffeinated or alcoholic variety especially. But, traveling on two wheels while transporting and/ or consuming said beverages is an exercise requiring both timing and coordination. Unfortunately, we aren’t all that athletically gifted and the sad conclusion of far too many mismanaged trips to the café or liquor store range from the embarrassing of dropping a growler of craft beer and splattering the bike lane with glass shards, a sudsy mess, and possibly a few tears. And we need to keep in mind, of course, that carrying any glass on your bike for any distance is just a little risky when we consider potholes. To that end, we’ve scoured the virtual planet to find the best beverage carrying devices for your bicycle that also manage to marry fashion with function.

Six-pack of Beer (shown above)

Walnut Studiolo 6-Pack Cinch Frame, $32 USD

A six-pack carrying bit of luxury, this frame cinch was lovingly created by the fine folks at Walnut Studiolo in Portland, OR. It is a beautiful thing to behold, hand-tooled leather, some serious rivet action happening, this will not only hold your standard six-pack securely from your crossbar, it will look damn fine doing it. The company ships around the world, and offers quite the range of products including a rather dashing U-lock holder.

Death At Sea Bicycle Cup Holder

Tall Can

Death At Sea Bicycle Cup Holder, $50 USD

Apparently, Matt Cavanaugh’s Brooklyn-based design studio finds inspiration in his trio of passions: “riding bikes, drinking beverages, and giving tattoos.” And that’s good news for us, as we get to plonk one of his gorgeous leather beverage holders across our handlebars and look so very stylish tooting about town with our tall cans (of iced tea, ahem). Strictly for cruising.

Fyxation Bicycles Growler Caddy

Beer Growler

Fyxation Bicycles Growler Caddy, $39.95 USD

Fyxation is a Milwaukee-based bicycle and accessories company that launched in 2009. They have an exhaustive line of leather goods available that includes this rather fancy Growler Caddy as well as holders for all manner of cool things from frisbees to a pint tasting sleeve. The Growler Caddy is made from full-grain leather right in Milwaukee, and there is also a version that includes a removable shoulder strap for an extra 10 bucks.

Guzzie + Guss Universal Cup Holder


Guzzie + Guss Universal Cup Holder, $19.75 CAD

One of the ideal holders for a piping hot cup of java involves some sort of pressure tab inside the container that will push against the cup to hold it in place. Combine this style holder with a good travel mug that boasts an excellent, secure lid that allows one to cover up the drinking hole is best to prevent spills from happening even if it takes a little more effort to actually take a sip.Pedal Happy Leather Wine Bottle Holder



Pedal Happy Leather Wine Bottle Holder, $65 USD

Okay, first thing to understand is that a water bottle holder is not the place to stick a wine bottle. What I like about these handy and stylish wine holders from Pedal Happy is that most of the bottle is contained within a leather compartment so if there were some bumping around, only the neck of the bottle is exposed. It straps onto your crossbar, and also includes a carrying handle and comes in a variety of smashing colors. This company also produces a growler flask in stainless steel with carrier that is a safe option.


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