Big wheels are back, this time for grown-ups

Any adult of a certain vintage remembers Big Wheels. If you weren’t lucky enough to own one of the moulded plastic tricycles built for speed, it was something you lusted after for a few years, befriending even the most unsavoury of characters for a chance at a ride.

It was the coolest thing on three wheels.

As I waded through a sea of fat bikes that have taken over the Toronto Bike Show this year, tucked in a back corner by the BMX flatland course, I stumbled upon Drift Trikes Canada — the grown up, seriously wicked adult version of the Big Wheel: drift trikes.

The first question was an obvious one: Is this for kids? And, yes, that little voice inside my head was all, “please say no, please say no, please say no.” As it turns out, these sweet rides are built for adults and built to maximize the only thing that Big Wheels were ever good at: extended and dramatic skidding, or drifting.

Gone is the hard plastic shell, these trikes are seriously tricked out with alloy frames, internal freewheel hubs, hydraulic disc brakes. The only thing that is remotely similar to the kids tricycle from the ’70s is the slick back tires developed to facilitate said drifting.

As with any tricked out adult toy, these bad boys come with a price tag, ranging from just under $400 to $950. But just look at them!




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