10 amazing works of street art dedicated the beauty of bicycles

Street art has never been more alive popular, thanks to the likes of U.K. artist Banksy. It might not be as edgy as it once was in the ’80s when graffiti was part of the burgeoning hip hop music scene, but what it lacks in illegality it makes up for in the scope of the works.

Street art often incorporates issues of social justice, and revolution; and we all know and love the current two-wheeled revolution that is transforming city streets around the world. To that end, we’ve plucked out favourite 10 works of bicycle street art.

Ernest Zacharevic is a street artist from Lithuania who has created some incredible pieces, but his most iconic bicycle work is this interactive image he created for the George Town Festival. First the artwork alone, followed by people interacting with it.



Mart Aire is an incredible artist for Buenos Aires, Argentina. His work is bold, beautiful and whimsical and certainly not of bicycles alone. But we kinda like these ones the best.



See what we mean about revolutionary? This is street art from Bogota, Columbia.


Paris street artist Nemo.


The Evolution of the Bike mural in St. Louis, Missouri created for Tour de Grove.


The work below by street artist Blu is dubbed Car Crusher and is located on the side of an highway embankment in Milan, Italy.



The street art of BMX can be found throughout Montpellier. And it’s amazing.




Last but certainly not least, the incredible mural of a horse riding a bicycle by Aryz displayed on a five-storey building in Buenos Aires.




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